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RDI-Datentechnik · Inh. Robert Dobler
Kriegerstr. 3 a · DE-82110 Germering / München
Tel. 089 - 840 13 35 · Tel. 0700 - 20 00 00 04 · Fax: 089 - 841 13 97

RDI offers you the complete range of custom made cables
–  LWL-cable – fiber optic cables – network cables – SCSI cables

For details please visit our website www.rdi.de

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LWL Cables - fiber optic cables (lightwave-cables , optical-fibers):
LWL Patchcable, Pigtails, Multicorecords, Trunkcable, custom-made LWL Patchcable
- multimode 50/125µ oder 62,5/125µ and monomode 9/125µ, duplex or simplex,
- in 1,7 mm MiniZip-Cord / 3,0 mm Zip-Cord / FlatTwin (3,0 mm + zus. Ummantelung),
- Connectors LC LC, LC SC, LC ST, SC SC, SC ST, ST ST, ST SC, E2000, MTRJ, FDDI,
- OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OS1, OS2, Multicord LWL custom made cables
- MPO MTP cable, - Pigtails, Breakout cable, LWL outdoor-cable armoured ,
- LWL Switches, LWL Converters, LWL Couplers, ...

SAS cablesl (Serial Attached SCSI Cables - custom made):
- internal w/ SFF-8482, SFF-8484, mini SAS connector SFF-8087, 4x S-ATA, ...
- external w/SFF-8470, mini SAS Connector SFF-8088, 4x S-ATA,
- custom made cables according to your needs...

S-ATA cables and  eS-ATA cables (Serial-ATA):
- internal S-ATA cables with 0,5m, 0,75m, 1,0m, S-ATA power-adapter
- external w/ S-ATA/S-ATA, S-ATA/eS-ATA, eS-ATA/eS-ATA 1,0m und 2,0m,
custom made cables according to your needs...

SCSI cables : LVD/U320 internal/external  SCSI I – III internal/external (scsi cable):
- internal: Low Voltage Differential Ultra320 SCSI Buscable  Amphenol Spectra Strip
  (flat-cable) stable, Twisted Pair,
- external: SCSI-cable premium quality, doble shielded, Twisted Pair,
  UL-approved, SCSI 2, SCSI 3, VHDCI 68 (VHD68), HD D-Sub 68, HDK50, 
  Centronics 50,
HighDensity, MiniCentronics, MDR (MiniDeltaRibbon), halfpitch
- SCSI Kabel adapters internal/external, SCA-Adapter, SCSI Terminators...

Fibre Channel - FC cables:
- Connectors: QSFP, SFP+, SFP, HSSDC2, HSSDC, DB9,
- cables for SAN - storage area network, Media Interface Adapter MIA DB9/SC,
- Converter Fiber: Gigabit Interface Converter GBIC HSSDC, GBIC DB9, GBIC SC,

Netzwork-cables - Ethernet Netzwork cables:
- patch cables RJ45, Cat. 5, Cat. 5e, Cat.6 (PiMF), Twisted Pair, FTP- and
  S-FTP shielded, all colours ie gray, blue, green, yellow, red, black, white ...
- Installation-cables Cat. 5, Cat. 5e, Cat. 6, Cat. 7 und Cat. 8,
- LAN cables, Patchpanels, Networkadapters (network adapter) ...

Custom-made Data-cables/USB /Monitorcables/IBM -/SUN -/CISCO - cables:
- Datacables: - D-Sub
Dsub 9pol, 15pol, 25pol, 37pol, 50pol, 62pol, 78pol, 100pol
- HighDensity, MiniCentronics, MDR (MiniDeltaRibbon), halfpitch
- shielded, 1:1, custom-made in pinning and length , PUR, CSA, UL ...
- Monitorcables: - HD DSub 15 pol. (VGA), DVI,  ...
- IBM-Monitorcables: - IBM RISC 6000, in 13W3 auf 3x BNC / 5x BNC / HD15,
- SUN-Monitorcables: - 13W3 to 3x BNC / Keyboard HD15 / 13W3 + -MD8-Combicable,
- CISCO-Routercables: - X.21 cable, V.35, RS232 cable, ...
- USB 2.0, USB 3.1 , Typ C, USB right-angled ...
custom made cables according to your needs...


RDI-Datentechnik · Inh. Robert Dobler
Kriegerstr. 3 a · DE-82110 Germering
Tel. +49-89 - 840 13 35 · Tel. +49-700 - 20 00 00 04 · Fax: +49-89 - 841 13 97

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